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Open Text

Here is the link to an PR about the OpenText office in Moscow. It has won a “Best Office” Award 2017 and it features among others our CELINE (1200x300) and NOVA (600x600) of course as an ELC SmartDriver solution.

Elbek & Vejrup Aarhus, Denmark

Market segment: Office Building

ESYLUX solution: Automation and lighting

ESYLUX products & Functional zones

    Office and corridors:

  • ELC Smartdriver TW KNX

    Sanitary facilities and kitchens:

  • PD-C360i/8
  • PD-C180i/16 KNX
  • PD-C360i/24 KNX

Short description

This is a rent out office building for IT companies. The focus in the building has been a flexible energy efficient environment. The basis for this is a KNX Building Management System through-out the building.

ESYLUX Biological Efficient Lighting „Human Centric Light“ with KNX is chosen, both for the easy plug & play installation, efficiency and to offer high quality lighting to attract quality-conscious renters.

Jyske Bank A/s Silkeborg, Denmark

Market segment: Office Building

ESYLUX solution: Lighting

ESYLUX products & Functional zones

    Open space office, managers office and meeting room

  • ELC Smartdriver Tunable White
  • Nova 600x600 MILKY Tunable White
  • Pressence Detector PD-C360i/8 ELC
  • Push Boutton SALI x8 Tunable White

Short description

Jyske Bank A/S chose ESYLUX Biological Efficient Lighting with „Human Centric Light“, out of a wish to offer the employees the best light quality possible, thereby supporting the work environment, overall employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

This is an open space office with daylight from windows to the east, west and north.

To accommodate all needs it was necessary to create 7 lighting groups with individual daylight regulations, but at the same time all groups turn on by presence in any group, and have neighbour / Zone control between the groups with 10% light if presence is detected in one ore more groups.